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Savage Vapor is Orange County's premier vapor shop and e-cigarette supplier offering quality vape supplies, e-liquids and other vaping products!
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It is not hard to see that the e-liquid industry is diluted as all hell. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry wants a piece of the action and why wouldn’t they? The vape industry in general is valued in the billions and, due to the lack of the federal regulation, it is not too hard to get a small vape-focused business started. Note that started is the key word here.


So what do the ambitious Tom, Dick, and Harry do? They mix up a few batches of “unique” flavors, throw the juice into some bottles, and they start selling. Granted, unless mommy and daddy or some gnarly investor put wads of cash into the start-up company, every juice company starts off the same way. Savage Eliquid began that way… and we are not ashamed to say that we “started from the bottom… now we here”.

Vape Shop

Savage Vapor is Orange County’s premier vape shop and online vapor store that sells quality vape merchandise from brand-name e-Cigarettes, e-Liquids, vape supplies and vapor products.

e-Liquid Supplies

Savage e-Liquid is our own reputable brand of quality vape juices available in 6 awesome flavors. Savage e-Liquid vape juices are fast becoming the preferred choice among many savvy e-Cig and vape enthusiasts.

Vape Products

Savage Vapor is an industry leader in providing brand-name vape supplies and parts.  Whether you are looking for e-Cigarettes, Vape Tanks, Vape Accessories or e-Liquids, our vape store has all your vape supply needs.

The Crew

Our team at Savage Vapor is dedicated to providing an awesome experience by providing unbeatable customer service and delivering outstanding vape products and supplies. We are 100% confident in our products and we will ensure your experience with us will not be your last.


Chris Wheeler

“The Boss” – CEO


Matt Winters

“Da Money Man” – CFO



“Head Honcho” – Store Manager



“Mr. Reliable” Assistant Manager

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